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Name my disease

Posted on: July 26, 2010

So, if you’ve read through the other posts on this blog, then you can see that I started this blog as an assignment for my Women’s Studies class at IPFW. Now, I decided about half way through that I would continue the habit of posting something once a week (or more? -HA)
Well, obviously, since my last post was two months ago, I’ve not kept my word. So, here I am again, begging for forgiveness from my readers; both of you, and asking for some help in identifying this disease that I seem to have.
First, I am generally ambitious, punctual, intelligent, and honest.
I do what I say I will do, I show up on time, I work hard and I can be counted on to get things done. I also excel in my course work.
But, here is a list of items that I intended to do, some that I’ve started; all remain incomplete:
1) Make beautiful, original, scrapbooks for my 6 children (one for each of them). The supplies are packed away in storage tubs under the basement stairs.
2) Digitize all of my written work (take buckets full of paper and turn it into a MS publisher document) Use this raw material to write another book
3) Organize thousands of digital photos into a very cool presentation that will make people want to hire me as a photographer
4) Build a drama ministry with my family based on my writing and their talents
5) Sew matching dresses for myself and my daughters
6) Learn Spanish
7) Learn Sign Language
8) Build my Ebay business into a self-sustaining enterprise (I buy stuff, I list half of it, I make a little money, I go buy more stuff)
9) Learn to play a musical instrument
10) Write an interesting blog post every week, then every day, then several times a day so that people will just keep coming back for more and more.

Now, there seems to be a label for every personality type, so I’m sure there must be a diagnosis for this psychological disorder that causes me to be so ambitious and yet unable to bring these wonderful ideas to completeness. Comments welcome!


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