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Women’s studies Why can’t we celebrate being women?

Posted on: April 19, 2010

As I finish up the last set of readings for my Women’s Studies class, I am posting a complaint that I have had all along.
This course is filled with whining! It’s a thousand different ways of saying, “Men have it easier than women, it’s not fair, wah-wah-wah”

I kept waiting for the Celebration of Womanhood. We talked too much about sex, diseases, rape, abortion, pornography; but we never talked about BIRTH. NOT even once.

The beautiful, natural gift of life giving ability granted by God to women and women alone – but, we don’t talk about that because we’re too busy complaining about all the things that men get to do and we don’t.

The honor of being a wife and mother, ruler of my household, influencing the next generation; not part of Women’s Studies either.
We read about how unfair it is that women do more than half of the housework in most homes, but never about the honor of fulfilling such a role. Instead, we are looked down on for allowing ourselves to be in such a degrading position (like scrubbing floors on your hands and knees). Feminists would make their husbands do it, I suppose. Or maybe they would send their kids to daycare, get a job and pay for a machine to do it for them. But, I guess, they wouldn’t have any living children, since they aborted them all.

Face it, men and women are different. That’s just the way it is. Any attempt to make women be more like men, really is like trying to turn them into lesbians; and attempts to make men act more like women really is making them sissies. It isn’t healthy to homogenize people.

We are different! Celebrate it!

Throughout history, there have been men and women who did great things regardless of the obstacles they faced. Instead of complaining about all the important women who have been left out of high school history books, why not teach us what we missed. We could have studied Clara Barton (who started the Red Cross of America), Gladys Alward (Chinese missionary), Anna Etheridge, Abby House, Phoebe Pember, Ella Palmer (all saved lives during the Civil War), Molly Brown (suffragist who survived the Titanic).

The readings in this class complained about the injustice in the world, provided extreme examples, were politically far, far-left, were openly anti-Biblical, anti-family values, pro-homosexual, and pro-abortion. Not one of these ideas celebrates women!


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