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TV Ladies, Who do we think we are?

Posted on: March 30, 2010

This is my week 10 post for WOST class.

So, there is a lot of talk about television in this course. I am usually ignorant of most of it. But, I do remember my parents getting a television when I was a kid and watching some shows. When Debra Davis comments on the old Reruns she saw as a child, these I know.
I Love Lucy. The Flinstones. I Dream of Jeannie. Bewitched.
Davis claims that none of the female characters were smart, self-confident and respected by others. Well, Lucille Ball played a goof, but she did have a husband who loved her anyway. Lucy always had a lot of splainin’ to do, but she was never portrayed as the stereotypical housewife character.
Wilma Flinstone is certainly a smart, self-confident, respected woman. In this show, Fred is the goof, and Wilma is the strong and stable foundation that keeps him grounded. She is portrayed as a housewife and mother; she cares for the home, she packs his lunch and she has his favorite dinner waiting when he gets home. But, she is by no means portrayed as weak or dumb or disrespected. Fred doesn’t always appreciate her, but that’s because he is a big dope.
Barbara Eden (Jeannie) calls Larry Hagman “Master,” but that’s because she is a genie. By definition, a genie is the servant of the one who holds the bottle. Seen Aladdin? Even Robin Williams plays a subservient genie sometimes. Besides, Jeannie’s master adores her and tells her not to call him that and he tells her not to use her powers to ‘fix’ things for him.
Bewitched. Samantha was smarter than Darrin, Davis says. But, she hid her intelligence and she hid her powers because those things would make her husband angry? Well, I think it’s more likely that what made Darrin frustrated, not angry, was that he felt he needed to protect his family from a world that had previously burned witches at the stakes. She states she was taught to be like Samantha, not like Endora. I would say, don’t be like Samantha, she disrespects her husband by doing things behind his back and not being honest with him. Endora is meddlesome, and that is a stereotypical mother in law – and for the sake of your children and their spouses, don’t be like Endora either.
If Davis wanted some examples of housewives that were perfect housekeepers,perfect role models, perfect mothers and wives; she should have used examples like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver or Donna Reed from the Donna Reed Show. I remember watching those shows as a kid, and funny thing is; I still want to be Donna Reed and my brother still wants to marry her.


1 Response to "TV Ladies, Who do we think we are?"

Thanks for your comment. I like your final blog because I have learned a lot about TV Ladies. I do not watch a lot of TV. Now I know some of female characters.

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