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Wost ch 9

Posted on: March 24, 2010

I think this week’s reading material touched on a lot of things that bother me about the culture we live in.
Television and other media that presents a warped view of reality (even in reality shows) influences the public’s purchasing decisions.
I see this most evident in my daughters clothing options. I’m kind of a yard sale junkie, and so when low waisted jeans became popular, I was really glad that we could still get jeans for the girls that did not show off the crack of their — every time they sat down.
I’ve even seen the top of a thong in church before!
But, now as we shop the Seminary Co-op (donated items for sem. families), I find most of the are short waisted. This is a huge challenge, with kids who are too busy playing to think about pulling up their pants.
I’m sick of seeing naked rear ends sticking out the back of women’s pants (it used to be called ‘plumbers butt’ and was iconic of what you might see when the fat plumber was bent over trying to get a look at your pipes). I’d be glad to know that these are going out of style.
I’m especially sick of seeing my the naked rear end of my 12 year old!

This problem is made worse by shirts that aren’t long enough to cover the top of the pants that aren’t tall enough to cover the body parts their intended to clothe. It seems I’m regularly pulling clothes out of my daughters wardrobe and getting rid of them because they are just plain inappropriate. While at the same time, I see girls their age and younger scantily dressed on a regular basis.


2 Responses to "Wost ch 9"

I could not agree with you more on the butt hanging out being very inappropriate. I’m not sure if some of these women/girls even realize it’s happening or if they really don’t care that it is. If they only knew how tacky it was, I’m not sure if they would still do it or not. I do think it’s ok for a young woman to dress a little sexy if that’s what she wants for her. I believe if you show a little cleavage, than everything else should be conservative. If you wear a short skirt, then your top should be covered and no cleavage. I have my own rules with my clothing and I have passed that down to my girls. I think they look nice and I’ve never been ashamed in public with them. I think girls need choices and should be able to flaunt some of what they have but have boundaries as well.

I agree too about the butt hanging out thing. It is gross and not exactly, what you want to see from your child or another adult. It seems like clothes seem to get more and more skimpy and cover less and less of the areas that should be covered like bum area, belly and chest. Nothing annoys me more than when I go to the store for grocery and there is some person walking around with her crack showing and her belly exposed. It must be the new fad to leave parts of you showing like that but not everybody in the general public is impressed by this type of dress and frankly I just want to say get some more clothes on when I see someone like that in the store. What happened to boundaries people?

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