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WOSTChapter 6 is making me sick…

Posted on: February 23, 2010

I am beginning to post my blog before I’ve finished my summary this week as I am having a difficult time and needed to vent a bit.
While the authors of the text include discussion from both sides of abortion, it is quite obvious which side they are on. When they casually say that 1.67 million abortions are performed every year in the United States; I get a sick feeling in my stomach – yep, there it is now – and in mind my I see am image of what 1.67 million dead babies looks like.
Then, I cry.
When I first started to write my summary, it went like this:
Right at this moment I want to scream, I am holding my breath and gritting my teeth. But, I will try to control my emotions while summarizing this week. Before I even read anything, I see the title “…Reproductive Rights” and already my stomach is turning. When someone says this is an issue about choice… I want to know, the right to choose what? Whether another human being should live or die? If someone like Adolph Hitler was to take over the world, and start lining people up and deciding who should live and who should die… well, I guess those same people would say that’s okay too? Or is it only okay, if the person being murdered is helpless and not important to you? Or is it only okay if YOU are the one who gets to choose?

I’ve never been pregnant and thought of my child as anything other than a growing baby who desperately needs me. After he is born, someone else can hold and comfort him, someone else can change his diapers and keep him warm; but, until he is born, only I can provide those things for him. He and I have a bond that he will never have with anyone else. I am his mother; a job that no one else can fill. It is my job to protect him. I can not imagine ever wanting to hurt him, or get rid of him.

When I watched the video called Crisis Pregnancy Center, I was irritated by the girl who said they were giving out false information like stating that 95% of women who have an abortion regret it. Who are the 5%? Sociopaths? What kind of hard hearted b—– lays on her back while someone murders her baby and then feels NO regret?

Then, I realized, people who think it’s okay to kill babies don’t believe that a person is dying. What do they think it is? I have no idea, but it is definitely something less than human in their minds. They think it’s like spraying pesticides on our vegetables to kill bugs – get rid of the pests so humans can make more money, and have more convenient lives. Wow! Just imagine, you used to be no more valuable than a bug.
If you can read this, you should go thank your mother that she didn’t RU-486 you.

So, I’m still plugging away at this assignment. And, I was done with the introduction and on to the other readings. I thought I was safe. I should have known better.
The kids wanted to share popcorn. It’s a great bedtime snack.
Well, that was a huge mistake!
As soon as I read “the fetus has grown too large to be vacuumed or scraped out…” I was running to the bathroom – it’s the whole visual thing –
Then, just when I think I’m okay, except for minor waves of nausea, I read the next paragraph, “In a DandE, the fetus is usually dismembered inside the uterus and extracted in pieces.”
Covering my mouth as my stomach heaves!
I have to remind myself that it’s just a pile of bugs that didn’t get hit by the pesticide in time, and are being ‘scraped’ off the veggies. What I see in my head is my 13 month old son, Noah, being sliced and diced like a graphic horror film. It makes me ill.
Then, I cry.
Then, I try again. I’m not one to quit. I’m desperate for the A grade. I can’t give up. I have to press on. But, it gets worse.
Bodies have bones, and when you dismember one, the bones get broken. The ends of broken bones can sometimes be sharp and puncture the uterus. GAG!
I may die before I finish this reading assignment.
Then, I wonder, what do serial killers think about when they are chopping up a body? Do they think of it as a person? Probably not. Maybe they think of it like bugs on veggies too.


2 Responses to "WOSTChapter 6 is making me sick…"

I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what you had to say about this topic. You have no idea how much I agree with you on this!!! I said the same thing in my summary and blog that this chapter and topic makes my stomach turn!!!! I cannot believe how far some people will go just so they can get an abortion! ADOPTION PEOPLE!!!

Your blog was very interesting. I thought that you did a great job describing how the chapter made you feel. While I read I did not have the same reaction as you but it was still sad to read. I remember the first time I heard of abortion. My older sisters were watching the reality show The Real World and one of the girls on the show chose to have an abortion and I remember thinking how or why anyone could every do that. I am not married and have no children. I am currently in an on again off again relationship and if I were to get pregnant I would cherish every moment of my pregnacy and that child would become my world. I may not be financially ready to support myself and a baby but I would do all I could to give that child the life it deserves.

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