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“McDonald’s is SO sexist!” wostblog3

Posted on: February 2, 2010

Update: 02/07/10 – I just got lectured about getting my facts straight from my husband who was a store manager until two years ago – Nowadays, McD’s employees have to go through training to teach them NOT to ask boy/girl. They are trained to say “Would you like a Barbie or a Hot Wheels.” It wasn’t this way when I worked there 1994-97, however, today’s policy is if employees are caught asking boy/girl instead of Barbie/Hot Wheels, they are supposed to be reprimanded and trained to ask properly. I stand corrected. See, I can admit when I’m wrong…”

Because I’m a homeschooling mom, I talk to my kids all day long about everything, especially the classes I’m taking, including this one.
So, today, my eleven year daughter and I were going through some old McD’s Happy Meal toys, and she recalled how the Hot Wheels were “boy toys” and the Barbies were “girl toys.”
This was something that I had noticed as well – I worked there after high school/before kids. We would receive shipments of toys, I specifically remember Hot Wheels/Barbie promotions, but there were others like it. We were trained to ask every customer, NOT, “would you like Hot Wheels or Barbie,” BUT “would you like a boy toy or a girl toy”
As we looked at the toys and remembered this, my daughter told me,
“McDonald’s is SO sexist!”
I think her comment is accurate. I think it’s great that Hot Wheels and Barbie toys are partnered together, so that customers have a choice, but who decided that they have be classified as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ toys?
As I am reading the material for this week, it occurs to me that I’ve always been divided in my child rearing when it comes to this issue. I am raising my daughters to be Godly women and my sons to be Godly men. I want them to fulfill Biblical roles of wives and husbands. However, when it comes to toys, books, and activities, who cares?
I let them pursue whatever they are interested in; my daughter built a tree house, my son changes diapers, my daughter is in Civil Air Patrol learning to lead soldiers and taking ballroom dancing where the men always lead…


4 Responses to "“McDonald’s is SO sexist!” wostblog3"

I never really thought about that fact of the toys. Truthfully, I never even stopped to think about it when they asked for toys. I have always just saved them for my little brother or a little cousin because they are not picky and will play with whatever you chose to give them to play with. It shouldn’t make a difference if a boy or girl like you said in your blog, a child/parent should get to chose between the type of toy not have to chose sex of child. How rediculous! When I was younger, I played with whatever toy I was given, yes it might have been a doll, but I also had my own collection of hot wheel cars. Why should kids’ toys and what they play with be such a big deal? Obviously, there is something wrong with that picture. I AM not saying that some parents/child wouldn’t prefer boy or girl toys but still why they should have no decision besides boy/girl.

Actually, we LOVE McDonalds. My husband and I met there, and he was a store manager from ’95 until he was called to the seminary, so for years, my kids would wave to Daddy every time we passed a McDonalds (even if he was in the car with us). My son wants to visit every McDonalds there is because he loves all the different themes, and we visit a play land store whenever we travel. We are McD fans, but I’ve always thought the boy/girl question was ridiculous. We don’t usually buy happy meals or toys, unless it is something the kids want to collect, and then we say, “Whaddya got?” because we know that older toys are often hiding in the back room, and there is usually a pretty good selection of stuff.

Being a vegetarina and raising my kids as vegetarians as well, I haven’t been to McDonald’s and ordered a happy meal in years. But after reading your post, I do recall, back when I was a kid, the people asking if we would like a “boy or girl” toy. The funny thing is, a long time ago, McDonald’s had Littlest Pet Shop toys, which my son (who I think was about five years old at the time) loved. We went to McDonalds to just buy the toy, and the man at the counter said, “but he’s a boy.” My son looked at me and asked, “Is it okay if I play with these even if I am not a girl?” I assured him that it was, and he still has quite an extensive collection of pet shops today. I think that people don’t even think about what they are saying most of the time, or how ignorant it sounds to ask questions like that. I will tell you one thing, I am glad that our family does not patronize that establishment!

I too worked at Mickey D’s and rememer the same thing…it is odd now when we look back just how sexist they are. I remember back in 79′ wow…that my dad worked the night clean up crew at Wendy’s and their toys (happy meal toys) were these little plasitc presidents which were definitely more gender neutral…either it was that or a cheezy majic trick where you can make the coin disappear.

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