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Ch. 1 Pt. 2 I’m NO feminist

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I didn’t put this in my summary because it is heavily opinionated. However, since I have this whole blog to write whatever I want as long as it pertains to what we are learning in class…
I’ll use this space to tell you what I REALLY think…
bell hooks claims that white middle class women who worked for the rights of equal pay and opportunity in the work place did so at the expense of lower class non-white women, therefore antagonizing the oppression against them.
In the very next paragraph she points out that “…depriving females of reproductive rights is a form of sexual oppression…” and concludes that anyone who opposes abortion supports sexual oppression and does not support the feminist movement.
She ends her article with a call to action in the movement to end sexual oppression. Her concern for the rights of women does not extend to the helpless female child that is victimized (murdered) by abortion. That female, in the opinion of bell hooks, has not yet earned the right to have her rights protected, and since she’s been murdered, she’ll never get a chance to even know that she could have had rights.
How do we ever get equal rights for all people, when we continue to discount the rights of a specific population? I oppose abortion, and I guess that means I’m NO feminist!


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Abortion is always a divisive topic, even within the feminist movement. I found “Abortion & Life” by Jennifer Baumgardner (one of the authors of the “Day Without Feminism” article in chapter 1) to do a beautiful job of examining the very sensitive topic:

I don’t agree with abortion either. I believe that from creation it is alive. Not yet able to decipher as a boy or girl but alive. That’s my belief. I know other people have a different belief on the matter but that’s there choice, this is mine. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make some people happy, oh well and if that doesn’t make me a feminist I say Oh Well.

On a side note, I know this is a highly debatable subject, so it’s ok if someone doesn’t agree with me and I hope by me expressing my opinion too that someone doesn’t think it’s a personal attack against them because they have had or are considering an abortion. It’s not an attack and like I made in an earlier statement, everyone is welcome to their own opinion. Our country was founded on the right of freedom of speech.

I didn’t always feel that way. I used to think that it wasn’t any of my business what anyone else did and that if someone wanted to kill their baby, that was their CHOICE.
However, I was born in 1974, when legal abortions were nearly impossible to get. My mother was 17, and if it had been as easy and inexpensive as it is today, I wouldn’t be here to have this discussion with you. I’m not guessing at this, she told me so.
So, thirty years from now, what friends will I and my children have missed out on meeting because their moms had REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS? Now, I know it’s more than just my business; it’s my life.

I still agree with you and you shed light on why you feel so strongly about it. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t feel that it is an option. I now understand where you are coming from and not to sound condescending (eek, can’t spell), but I can’t truely understand, although I feel for you. Taking a step in someone elses shoes comes to mind and you have big shoes to fill.
The reason I feel for you and understand at least a little bit is my niece (sort of my friend doesn’t have any siblings, and I am the closest thing she has to a sister) was almost aborted because it would be simplier for her and the guy she had sex with. Because it’s ok to sleep around and “have fun” but as soon as a responsbility occurs, its no longer fun and they wanted to take the easy way out. Some of her family even tried to push it. I put my foot down and told her if she did that , I not only would never forgive her for murdering and innocent life but I don’t think I could any longer be her best friend and probably would cut contact with her. I know using our friendship as leverage was probably wrong, but is stung that she even considered it when she was the one that always talked about kids and someday she wanted them since she had cousins and loved kids but when the day came, and it wasn’t the ‘right” time, she wanted “easy” way out. In June, Dyl will be have her first birthday because she said no. I also look it at like this, if you don’t want a baby, there is thousands of people out there who either can’t have children, looking to start their family, or are just looking to add a member to their family, so you can always put a child up for adoption. I look at it like this, yes, it is out there but there is always other possbilities.

Recently in the news, there was a 18 something girl in my area that was arrested for dumping her baby in a dumpster after it was only a few hours old. She carried the poor little boy FULL term, gave birth at home and then decided it would be better to throw it away in a restaurant dumpster, instead of dropping the poor little guy off at a hospital, police station or church. She actually stuffed the poor little guy in a garbage bag and if even someone hadn’t taken out the trash when they did, the police said the baby would have been dead in a matter of hours. She claimed “she didn’t know she had options, and that she knew she couldn’t possibly take care of the baby. They prosecuted her for negligance. It was a judicial system let down.

As a personal note, I would have been terrified if someone told me, that I might not have existed. The thought scares me even now that I might not exsit and have experienced what I have experienced in my life, met the people I met, loved the man I love. I have a lot of respect for you and I am truely sorry for any earlier statements that make me ignorant, you are one awesome lady and not to sound like an ass but I look forward to reading your future posts and seeing your perspectives on other issues.

(I debated back and forth several times as to whether to post anything to your response to my original post and probably deleted and retyped what I have a hundred times. Honestly, when it comes to this subject, I feel like not only ignorant but cowardice.

You don’t need to feel bad at all, at least not on my account. I only mention my particular situation because I know I’m not the only person alive today who wouldn’t be here if abortions had been readily available when they were born. I’ve also known a man who spent his life deformed and mentally retarded because of an incomplete abortion.
The simple, easy, painless Dr. visit that it’s made out to be is a complete farce.
It just makes me angry when people say it’s all about women’s rights and choices, that it’s not about the sanctity of life, or when people say that these babies aren’t really alive. They are alive at conception, they are human and I am one of them.
BTW: My mom loves me dearly, and she is glad that she had me! Of course, giving her six beautiful grandchildren probably helps make up for any trouble I caused. 😉

I definatley do not agree with abortion. I feel that everyone has a say in their own life and by having an abortion you take that child, the child you produced by your own choices, and their opportunity at life. Yet its touchy bc what about rape…?

PS) i do not know where im posting this but i was reaading about your post on abortion and feminism!!!

KKLINE: You posted a reply on my blog which is good for you as it is one of the class requirements – to maintain your blog and comment on the blogs of other students – Good Job!
There are all kinds of ‘what ifs?’ that can be deliberated over and over again, but abortion is really an issue of sanctity of life – either you believe that human life has value or you don’t. Is one person worth saving while another isn’t? Are some people more valuable than others? If you think a person’s value has to do with their personality, their talents, their abilities, their good looks, etc. then it isn’t human life that you value, it’s something else. If abortion is okay in some situations, then that is a judgment of which lives are worthwhile and which ones are not. If all life is valuable, then all abortion is wrong.

Are you also opposed to the “morning after pill?” Is it any abortion you’re opposed to?
I know that my mother will say she’s pro-life if you ask her, but she’s alright with very early terminations in a few instances (the obvious one being rape)
I have found that both sides of the issue tend to oversimplify the opposition to the point that any ration person would reject it. Democrats don’t want women to have abortions, no one thinks they are a delightful little thing to have after brunch on Sundays – and Republicans don’t want women to be involuntary baby factories. I think that most people are probably ok with a middle-ground…. my point is that I think there is a lot of grey area that tends to be ignored in debates on abortion.
Are you against anything that might interfere with the development of a fertilized egg? Just curious.

Politically, I believe that it is murder to destroy any human life that God has created, and I believe that human life begins at conception. I don’t think it matters whether someone is murdered at 16, 66, or 6 weeks in utero, they are still dead at the hands of another person.
Personally, I believe that it is a sin for me to interfere with the life that God has planned. I think that all forms of birth control are interference. That’s me. I also think it’s interference to artificially create life. This is a personal conviction.

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