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Chapter One Summary

Posted on: January 18, 2010

I just finished posting my Chapter One Summary for the Women’s Studies class. I spent time making sure that I followed the requirements, proofread and thought carefully about what I would say.
Now, I’m just rattling about the things I thought but didn’t say:
I didn’t use the article, Feminist Politics, by bell hooks in my summary post, but I did read it. She would like feminism to be commonly defined as “…a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” To reach this understanding, she explains that first people need to understand sexism as something to be fought against. she states that, “Utopian visions of sisterhood based soley on awareness of the reality that all women were in some way victimized by male domination were disrupted by discussions of class and race.”
Even if class and race were to become non-issues (which they likely never will), women have to first be convinced to feel victimized, then be made angry enough to want to do something about it, and then be organized to get that something done.
The sources that I read all wanted to jump straight into getting something done by making women feel powerful and inciting them to action, while assuming that all women were victimized.
Not all women feel that they are victims of male domination, but on the contrary they feel protected by male domination.
When we fight for all kinds of rights of equality, then we lose some other rights. When we fight for the right to be front line soldiers, we give up the right to be protected by the men who want to fight for us. When we fight for the right to work outside the home and pursue a career, we give up the right to complain about how we aren’t ‘superwomen’ and can’t balance both work and family. When we fight for the right to be seen as strong, we give up the right to be weak and needy. When we fight for the right to be head of our household, we give up the right to expect our men to hold that position too. When we fight for the right to be Queen of our domain, we give up the right to be treated like princesses.
I’m not sure that what I would have to give up is worth what I would gain.


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